Creative Block - The Number One Reason Why You're Having One

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Is it just me, or have we collectively accepted the creative block as a natural fact of artistic endeavour? Is it really just a fact of the creative life? Have we believed it just like we may have believed that some people are born creative and others are not?? I’m here to shed light on another way. Just like the truth that humans are inherently creative, I believe creative energy to be ever accessible. It is our mind which blocks us…

The number reason why we get blocked is because we lose sight of this as a journey.

A process.

We are largely not taught how to have a truly fulfilling one.

We may progress from a place in our journeying but we stop travelling because something simply distracts us from continuing forward.

Something distracts us from even seeing the journey. To never be blocked again (there is a difference between being blocked and just resting) we can simply recognise what the blocking-distraction is and assign a creative truth to blast it into oblivion.

So if you are one who feels blocked, or suffers creative block now and then, WOOHOO! There is such great news for you, and breakthrough really is closer than you might think!!

I have been coaching women through creative UNwellness (this is what Creative Block signals!) into Creative WELLNESS and I can assure you these are the same issues which keep coming up every time I take on somebody new.

I have lots of ideas on why this is so, and I believe much of it stems from the angle of the education system. Here they are:

What it feels like:

  • wanting to make art but feeling lost as to where to begin

  • feeling a lack of originality, only able to replicate the art I see

  • feeling discouraged by the ugly or uninteresting art I keep making 

  • feeling so far from having a recognisable style and feeling lost as to how to get to it

  • worrying about wasting art materials on failed pieces

  • feeling a lack of skill and confusion on how to get the particular skills I need for finding my own style

  • I need to make work which sells but my work isn't selling

  • I feel like other successful artists have or know something unavailable to me

  • my art is not getting engagement on Instagram and I wonder why I make it at all

  • I can't decide on one thing and stick to it long enough to improve at it.

  • I am afraid my art doesn't measure up.

  • I feel guilty for spending time creating when my housework is not done and I should be doing more important things

  • I don't know which direction to take or which media to commit to.

  • I don't have time, the right space, or energy to follow through with my bursts of inspiration.

Are any of these frustrations familiar to you?

Are you ready for the good news?!

(I can hardly contain it!)

Hold up- why would I be so excited about you learning how to never have creative block again?

Coming from a place of ongoing depression, I was an artist and spent a lot of time over the years honing my craft, but still lacked what I needed to make my art a solid part of my life. I felt like there was more to it, but nobody seemed to know anything more about it other than “work hard, get your art Out There and maybe you’ll Make It.”

The truth is, we have been sorely disconnected from the truth about Creativity itself. Creativity being the foundational value system above all value systems… reinforced by process and the refinement of understanding and self actualisation IN PROCESS.

The answer is simple and there is SO MUCH HOPE for you!

Process = Journey

We get blocked simply because we have forgotten that this is a Journey. We’ve forgotten how to Journey well, and most importantly how to Journey well AND for ourSELVES. We get distracted from what is worth doing and what is worth aiming for. This sends us spiralling into an indecisive, non-committal state where we can’t seem to see anything through. But we are HUNGRY for fulfilment, so we try again. And again.

And if we fail many times we start to believe that the indecisive state is a natural part of our character and our confidence plummets.

We become easily distracted and affected by what we think we should be doing or seeing from ourselves. (Competition and comparison is fully empowered here).

Blend all this with a lack of knowledge on how to cover ground in our own unique Journey and we have a constant and seemingly impossible block. 

We are kept minimal. 

Our creativity is minimised. 

The same problems keep us ineffective.

We think and act in a powerless and enslaved kind of way.

Our discovery of who we really are is impacted severely and we live in a lie of questioning worth and an enslaved purpose.

We feel the struggle knowing there is something wonderful trapped inside.

There absolutely IS! Otherwise you would not be feeling frustrated. (Isn’t that kind of encouraging?!)

And the craziest thing is: this block is not unique to your creativity. It actually shows up in other areas and oppresses your daily life experience

Your Journey calls to you. Inside you exists a unique and breathtaking message, a voice, an expression which will not let you settle for anything less than finding it like buried treasure, and learning well and skilfully how to speak it out.

This “treasure” will bring greater value to you and those in your influence.

Your partner. Your family. This is no small thing. It’s much greater than simply suffering in your art process. It is a block limiting the way you fill LIFE itself. There is so much more for you. Do you feel it?


How do I know this?!

Firstly, it happened to me. It took me about 10 years of being an artist and also teaching University level Painting & Drawing to firstly ascertain that a lack of creative confidence was the problem, and then figure out exactly how to address the issue at its root. But hooray! -it definitely doesn't have to take 10 years for you!

I’m so excited to report that over 10 women have come through my Creative Wellness Program “Chrysalis for the Art Heart” and they all report a very similar transformation in just a few months. We've also found that consistency with the right directives is effective, even if you feel you have little time or energy to focus fully. Here’s my latest testimonial:

“For me, the Creative Wellness program with Ange Miller was life changing. Ange created a space of honesty and trust and this allowed me delve deep within and really analyse what was holding me back. She spoke with love, passion and enthusiasm and each session felt like I was speaking to an old friend who I’d known for years. I felt that Ange really believed in me and it helped me really believe in myself.

 From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank Ange enough for helping me permanently release my negative inner critic. Ange helped me find a different entry point for my self-development as a person and artist and my creativity block is no more. I now create from my heart and it’s always with flow, ease and joy! These changes have had a ripple effect into other areas of my life. As I changed my inner world my outer world began to blossom and flourish. Thank you Ange!”

This sends me to tears. I’m so honoured and thrilled to have opportunity to provide this level of experience.

We’re so extremely excited by the results and it’s my great honour and privilege to offer positions to the next intake of Chrysalis applicants.

If you’re feeling an energy around the things I’ve mentioned here and you feel it’s your time, please click through here to learn more about Chrysalis for the Art Heart. As you’ll see, the first step is to book a free 15 min Creativity Health Check to give you a chance to ask any questions and allow me to advise you of the best way forward.

If it's not for you, or just not for you yet, please know that I'm so excited to have you following along this journey! If there is someone you know who is needing empowerment please forward this over and give them the opportunity for breakthrough.

Wonderful Things are happening and I am amazed.

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