Permission to Explore Thoroughly

That's how I feel about my 100 Day Project to which I have recently committed (6 days in!). It may sound silly, but I had got to a place in my recent Sea Garden series where I was feeling "over it".

Now I look back and realise I had just stopped working in the way that enables a flow. In the way that enabled the unique aesthetic in the first place! I had fallen into a rut, which felt more like slaving to produce Something In Particular that wasn't even looking good. And I felt like it was here, but now it's gone... and what will I work on next? I had so enjoyed finally knuckling down to produce a body of work! 

The idea of a 100 Day Project sounded like a timely discipline, but I struggled to be inspired enough to commit to one hundred days of whatever I pondered.

The silly part is that I realised that there was SO MUCH more to explore in the Sea Gardens! And that I would be foolish not to explore thoroughly the aesthetic that unfurled so uniquely. 

Once I started I felt like I had been given vast treasure. That time every day to relax into the adventure and work whimsically, joyfully immersed in an endless pool of inspiration. And because there are 100 days in which to further unfurl, I have time to daydream and test ideas. 

I feel a new freedom. New looks are already emerging. I wake up excited.

What a gift!


Angela Miller2 Comments