Is art ever beyond redemption?

I find myself wondering often, alternately convinced both ways regularly enough.

There are ALL THESE canvases leaning against walls around my studio. Tired, overworked and still speaking of Nothing Special.

Every now and then I pull one out and use up left-over paint on it. Haphazardly. Carelessly. And sometimes I am surprised by Something New emerging, and all at once this old canvas is buzzing with promise. The rest of the times it's just another layer contributing to the paint thickness!

This is one such painting now donning my easel. 

The first layer was moody prussian blue applied with a plastering knife. It was minimalistic and featured scrapey marks and raised paint clumped into lines at the edge of the knife. Then the painting sat for months until I had some oil paint left over after completing an aerialscape commission. 

Now I'm all excited to coat more canvases with prussian blue and push this look further. 

The energy observed brought by Something New bursting forth. It's not hard work any more, but enthused exploration and play.