Private Skype Session with Angela Miller

Private Skype Session with Angela Miller

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Please check my calendar for availability by clicking here to secure your date prior to purchasing.

Because technology is so miraculous, I am so pleased to offer Private Ink Art Sessions over Skype.

The feedback from Skype Sessions has been so encouraging, I know I am offering something of value far beyond technique!

“Yesterday I took an enlightening Skype class from Ange and all I can say is 'WOW'!! I had so many mind-set breakthroughs, I was riveted from the moment she starting sharing with me. Ange's knowledge and use of her mediums was an eye-opening process that I'm excited to explore further. I was thrilled to see so many yummy areas of texture in my pieces. This experience was exploratory and emotive. I am finally able to push past the inner self critic and I feel a new confidence in how I could improve my paintings.

 In the end, I love both of my paintings and so did my husband. Ange's mindset guidance gave me a new freedom in completely letting go without stress or perfectionism in my artmaking.

Thank you Ange for graciously sharing your expertise and coaching me in my painting journey. You're an amazing artist, beautiful soul and an inspiration!!” -Robin

“What an incredible experience! Angela's teaching style resonated with me on so many levels. I lost myself in those magical hours and reignited my creative fire. Angela makes you feel like you can create anything and everything. I love how tuned in she is and how she answered all of my questions in a way I could fully grasp. It flowed easily and I would gladly recommend her a thousand times over. I believe there truly are people in this world who were born to teach and Angela's most certainly one of those fantastic people. How lucky you are if you get to experience a class such as hers.” - Starry

“You have the sweetest spirit, you're super knowledgeable, and you were more than generous with the information you provided. I love that I was able to create pieces that had a hint of your technique wrapped in a style I still felt was my own. This was definitely the must relaxing and fast 3 hours ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you for hanging out and creating with me!” - Shayla

“Absolutely hands down one of the best experiences I’ve had! Ange is a fantastic gift giver (yes, she is teaching you art but it’s so much MORE). I was absolutely jazzed up after Ange’s talk on creativity mindset! That spoke to me. She shared so many tips and discoveries about the Ink Art process. I truly could not stop smiling throughout our glorious session. It was truly a magical experience, one I’ll never forget! Because of Ange a never ending fire is burning and I’m now on an endless journey of creativity and process. If you have the opportunity to work with her, DO IT!” - Luna

All you need is your phone with Skype app installed (or alternatively you can use your computer if you prefer), a well-lit space to work in, 3 quiet hours (or 1.5!) and your art materials. A list of the required materials will be sent to you after scheduling the date in my calendar and making your purchase. (PLEASE NOTE: the required materials are readily available in the US and Australia, but alcohol ink and yupo paper may be unattainable or of limited supply in other areas of the world. Please check with me if you are unsure.)

Already I have seen women experience a profound awakening to their own creative energy. The feedback has been so encouraging! It's simple but extraordinary, and has much to do with the beauty of this unique media mix plus the revealing of foundational creative truth which I have discovered and tested in my 20+ years of creating and teaching.

So what can you expect from my Ink Art Skype Session?

  1. Come and observe a series of demonstrations as I show techniques and media application step-by-step. Learn the properties of the unique media mix I have discovered in hundreds of hours of experimentation.

    Beginners are welcome! In fact, if you have not done any art at all but have longed to try, this is a brilliant introduction into enjoyable creative expression.

  2. I will be sharing gems of creative truth to empower and cultivate your creative engagement; not only for the workshop, but for a lifetime of rewarding creativity.

  3. The Skype session will be recorded and available for you to download and watch over as you need it. I work away on pieces after the demonstration and while you experiment, giving you opportunity to observe my process after the session. I also provide you with close up shots of the work I create on the day and email to you for your reference.

  4. Aftercare - you will receive an email outlining all the materials and processes so you can continue the adventure in your own space. AND I will always be available to you for a chat if you have questions or become stuck.

My heart is set on enabling creative freedom and empowering you to succeed. I am so encouraged by the results, I know I am Onto Something Valuable, which I’m so honoured to have opportunity share with you!

Places are limited. If you’d like to book in, please click here, and then finalise your purchase on this page.

Much love x

Please Note:

The Ink Art Workshop is protected by Copyright. You may create art and sell art using the information from this Workshop but you are not authorised to teach the content herein. It remains the intellectual property of Angela Miller and written approval must be issued to reproduce the content of this Workshop in an instructional manner.

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