Ink Art Ecourse

Why is it taking so long? And what can offer you in the meantime…


Find your voice in colour and flow…

Please note: If you would rather not wait for the eCourse, please see the Private Skype Session option here.

There are several factors coming in to play, causing the delay of this online course. I am sorry it’s taking all this time but I promise you it will be worth it! The whole thing has turned into quite a deep adventure. In the meantime though, I’ll be making a free video series to help you get started with your alcohol inks! Please subscribe so you don’t miss this series.

about the ecourse

The discovery of this unique media mix has led to a fabulously rewarding adventure which seizes me with amazement still, and which I am so pleased to now have the opportunity to share with you. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned in your art practice, the techniques and creative insights I have discovered over the years will enrich, inspire and nourish your creative journey.

As a face-to-face session, the Ink Art Workshop received much acclaim and commendation.

"It's not every day that you meet someone like Ange, let alone have opportunity to learn from them. Not only does she display expertise in art technique but also in her wisdom and experience with the practice and concept of creativity. It was an exceptional package and I can't wait for the next one!" - Anna  

"I am actually still in shock because I spent my life wanting to make art but believing that I didn't have the talent for it. Ange made it so accessible and now I am addicted! Ange, the words you said to us has unlocked something in me and I finally feel free to enjoy playing and make art I love - thankyou, thankyou!!" - Jessi

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