Chrysalis for the Art Heart (1-1 Creativity Coaching with Angela Miller)

Chrysalis for the Art Heart (1-1 Creativity Coaching with Angela Miller)

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Are you sick and tired of getting stuck?

Sick and tired of NOT making the art you truly love?

Babe - ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR BREAKTHROUGH? Learn EXACTLY how to “find your style” and set up your headspace to NEVER experience creative block or anxiety again.

It’s real!

A truly unique program which offers mindset training AND technical instruction completely tailored to your specific needs.

I’m so confident that my one-to-one Creativity Wellness Coaching will put you in a WAY more creatively effective headspace, I bolster this service with a risk free 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

In these Chrysalis for the Art Heart Coaching Sessions we discover what your unique creativity actually is, how it gets blocked and why it’s so important to us humans that you unblock it for ever. I have been making art for 20 years and I have been watching my habits intently for clues.

Ten years of teaching Painting & Drawing class to Bachelor degree students gave me the perfect opportunity to really get to the bottom of what stops us being creative,

and the mindset shift which not only makes us unstoppable,

but charges us with unique value and purpose in our creativity.

Teaching my own workshops over the last several years has only verified and refined my findings.

This stuff is TRIED, TESTED and TRUE.

I have learned the powerful truth that there is actually NO REASON to ever suffer creative block.

 SO IF YOU ARE READY to come into Chrysalis phase and realise your own powerful creative confidence, I am so excited to offer you the opportunity to learn and apply this creative truth to your own art journey through 6 biweekly 45 min one-to-one coaching calls.

I will take you under my feathery wing and guide you to an amazing new thinking space where you will truly begin to unfurl authentically and “unstoppably.”

No more hesitation.

No more discouragement.

No more self-judgement or fear of judgement.

No more frustration.

No more confusion about your unique artistic purpose and direction.

No more wondering if you really are an artist.

No more barriers to unstoppable JOY in your art making.

CAN YOU IMAGINE IT? What would you give for this kind of freedom?

Want more info on what this process actually looks like?

It all begins with a free 15 min Creativity Health Check conducted over the phone or Skype for those who are not in Australia.

Book yours HERE.

We figure out together where you are up to, what is essentially holding you back and what I can offer you for creative “unstoppableness” and inevitable breakthrough in your creative practise.

If we both feel confident about moving forward into this 3 Month Package together (covered by the 90 day 100% money back guarantee, of course) you will then make your purchase, book in your 6 sessions on my calendar and we will begin the upgrade.

You’ll receive your first Creativity Wellness Journaling activity on booking and during each call I will assign a hands-on activity to work on in between calls. You’ll receive helpful training videos from me to inspire and direct your art process.

Please keep in mind: THERE IS ONLY ONE OF ME! And I pour my very heart and soul into these calls, so only a limited number of participants can access my one-to-one service.

To undertake this 3 month program you need to be either practising art or wanting to commit to a consistent practise. I would recommend at least 2 hours of weekly time commitment to experience a transformative effect.

Journaling is also a significant activity in this process.

You will also have access to the Art Hearts Facebook group where I’ll be building up and nourishing a beautiful community of like minds to support each other on our expansion journey.

What it feels like:

“For me, the Creative Wellness Coaching Program with Ange Miller was life changing. Ange created a space of honesty and trust and this allowed me delve deep within and really analyse what was holding me back. She spoke with love, passion and enthusiasm and each session felt like I was speaking to an old friend who I’d known for years. I felt that Ange really believed in me and it helped me really believe in myself.

 From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank Ange enough for helping me permanently release my negative inner critic. Ange helped me find a different entry point for my self-development as a person and artist and my creativity block is no more. I now create from my heart and it’s always with flow, ease and joy! These changes have had a ripple effect into other areas of my life. As I changed my inner world my outer world began to blossom and flourish. Thank you Ange!” - Monique F.

“During my coaching calls Ange had such a loving and genuine concern for helping me to let go of things that were holding me back in my art. She showed me how to connect to my own authentic creative flow and inspiration which is invaluable information that I could not find anywhere else.  If she had not coached me I feel like I would have gone my whole life and not ever really found freedom from creative blocks.  She has forever changed the course of my artistic career.” - Jacquie P.

“For years I have been experiencing creative blocks which come and go, stopping me from really immersing in and feeling good about my art. Right from the very first coaching session I was amazed at how everything shifted so dramatically. Something that weighed me down for years has lifted completely. I cannot recommend Ange’s guidance enough. She truly has wisdom beyond her years. From the bottom of my heart I am SO GRATEFUL! It’s like my creative spark really has burst into flame. Ange’s coaching has been invaluable to me.” - Janet S.

“This was my first one-to-one creative mindset coaching experience ever, it won’t be my last! I feel exhilarated, creatively full of life. l’ve a sense of freedom to fully express ME, after feeling so frustrated and stuck for a long, long time. I experienced heartfelt, empathic coaching with so many ‘ah ha!’ moments, at times l was bought to tears. If you want to feel uplifted, connected to your art and self l can’t recommend this enough! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ange!” - Sarah H.

“I had the need to control everything. When I felt like I was relinquishing control, my life began to crumble. I found art and Ange Miller not long into my artistic journey, and from the moment I met her, a wave of ease flowed through me.  Accepting myself and the things I created or wanted was such a distant revelation to me and part of that was because of the negative voice and mindset I had instilled within me.

Since working with Ange, my outlook has changed completely. I am no longer hard on myself. I am proud of the work I create and I find the lessons not only helping me with my art, but in my general day to day life. The program inspires work that is deep and energetically moving. Ange’s zest for life, ability to resonate, and attitude towards individual expression always leaves me feeling empowered and uplifted. I am beyond inspired with every call and often brought to happy tears.

Instead of being fearful, I am now full of excitement.

I cannot recommend this program enough to anyone who struggles with blocks or fear in their creativity. It has been an invaluable tool to my life and creativity! Beyond grateful!” - Danni B

 “You're the best. Thank you so much. ️ Forever grateful for the mind shift. I have to tell you, it has absolutely spilled over into every area of my life. I've been so down and depressed, noticing this cycle I keep going through and I caught myself digging into the why in quite an Ange way. I told you, you're in my head now! Lol anyway, I can't thank you enough. You're making quite an impact in this world!” -Jenna B.

If YOU are ready for an upgrade, or to get a better feel for this opportunity please book your free Creativity Health Check HERE.

Please do not purchase the Chrysalis for the Art Heart Coaching Package prior to the Creativity Health Check.

Please note: I want to be clear that I have no accreditation in counselling or psychology. I came from a deep and long-term depression and simply questioned, searched and tested for the last 20 years. What I have discovered has brought me to a place of incredible clarity, unquenchable enthusiasm and respect for life. I am overflowing with ideas and creative energy and I’m secure in an unshakable sense of worth and purpose.

I have learned a way to best enable creativity and be taught by creativity and the knowledge that there is no end to the learning and enrichment excites me all the more!

This is what I am so passionate to enable in you and I CANNOT WAIT to see what’s in store for you!

Be assured that all your information will remain confidential.

See the Terms of Service HERE.

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