My Art Life in the Garage

So I've resolved to a weekly blog post! If only my brain could be wired so blogs wrote themselves. But really, I know there is great benefit in tapping it all out. Thought processing, elaboration of initial ideas, deeper investigations. Muesli for my mind to chew. I think I still have resistance left over from my discouraging essay-writing experiences from high school. But enough of that old nonsense... still shedding the institution!

I thought I'd blog about my little studio set up.

We had this garage CHOCKERS full of STUFF in complete disarray. Nothing happened in there. Perhaps the most exciting thing in 2 years was when I cut my leg on something as I navigated my way through the stuff like a soldier dodging mines. Hardly a day goes by now without a creative energy channel and release It's a life-force that lingers long after the activity. I remember running art nights for ladies and there would persist for days an engaging and exciting energy. It's a remarkable contrast to what was before.

My husband fashioned a divider to section off the garagey stuff from my studio section. Unfortunately not much of it can be seen in these pics, it's really quite a piece of art.

Here she is! I have white sheets pegged up to filter the light for photography and also good for privacy.

Because the light is so severe coming in those open doors I needed the sheets to diffuse it for photography purposes. I edit the warmth a LOT in my insta posts in an effort to regulate the lighting. Photographs taken in the morning on a sunny day need cooling down, while late afternoon photographs need warmth added. on an overcast day I take the sheets down and people walking past on the street have a little sticky beak at me painting.  I do like all that fresh air!

My most recent addition is this thrifted architect's desk with drawers that fit all my huge paper! Only $40 too... and they delivered it! After serving an architect for years I'm not sure how it feels about this messy plot twist! 

I do dream of a BIG, light-filled space with protection from the elements and the giant moths. But also so VERY grateful to have this space at all. My next addition will be a comfy chair for pondering. The giant moths? Well, it was really only one. The size of my hand span. I had just finished loading up my palette with oil paint and had accidently squeezed WAY too much orange onto it. This mammoth moth buzzes in and starts bombinating up the front of me from my lap. I'm actually quite good with bugs, spiders etc, but this thing took me by surprise. By the time it got to my neck I had swatted it a few times with my loaded palette. The moth was orange and I was orange. I wonder how it got on after that.

My other favourite, very handy studio hack is my makeshift tripod which I use for my timelapse videos andhands free photography. I like to work on the floor and struggled for a long time to find a tripod solution The telescopic iphone tripod I bought was not tall enough nor could it get on the right angles without legs being in the way of my work. You can see here it's been taped onto a portable easel which is just perfect. The easel extends easily (Punny :)) out over my surface and the tripod manages the angles.

Well, that's my art studio! My sacred space where all manner of creations are birthed and the unchartered explored. I thought about tidying it but that would not be authentic, right?!