The great search for myself and Everything True. Amidst the blessed tangle of relationships and motherhood, I strongly suspect there is a deeper flow to find.

The process of art has had much to say since posturing myself to hear it. 

In the process I feel more like me and yet, the same time not really me at all. I'm just working to allow the channel from an endless inspiration pool. A vessel who thought she was a solid and not made of enough. What a relief to realise I am a conductor of something that could never originate with me! The expression had become a twisted, dried-up thing before this truth rolled in. Pressure. Frustration. My ego rising and plummeting in extremes. Displaced constantly by the ocean swell of it and fidgeting for relief.

Now I am finding freedom in being a container and a pipe. There has been much more to observe this way! In this space where ego has little grip. 

This is my aesthetic, hands-on adventure. Each painting like a postcard from points in the visual journey.

Born into a family of seven children, we invented and used resources creatively to thrive in our childhood, despite (and probably enabled by!) having little means.

I found school tedious and inappropriate. I'm not certain exactly how I came to complete my Higher School Certificate. I studied art as an elective but struggled because education had dulled and misguided my aesthetic sense and confidence to explore. It would be many years before I would find the answers that now form a solid foundation under my feet. I yearn for a reformation in education. 

It's a dream of mine to disrupt the current (but outdated) method of education with experiential, inspired and confidence-nurturing learning styles. 

LAST YEAR (2018) was a huge one for me! March saw my limited edition products collab with MIMCO launch in stores nationally, SIX Ink Art workshops ensued in Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast and Gold Coast, Melbourne, plus 3 Ink Art Masterclasses.

THIS YEAR (2019) will see my teaching get very deep and spread worldwide with the release of my Ink Art ECOURSE, plus the building of an online portal offering inspiring, instructional and developmental courses, ebooks and other empowering products.

The launch of my Kick Butt Creativity Coaching service is imminent, with my service currently being tested and refined by 11 wonderful participants selected from volunteers from among my Instagram following.

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